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Fancy hat cake

My daughter asked me to do a cake for my birthday which was a few days ago. I usually don’t like doing my birthday cake, but this time I agreed. Started to do a steampunk hat, ended up doing something in between steampunk and madhatter….this is my fancy hat cake!!

-- Konstantina

Very pretty !

-- Olina's taarten

I love the combination of colors and the unusual textures!
Very Happy belated birthday, dear Konstantina 😘

-- Clara

Beautiful ❤️😘😍

-- AndyCake

Thank you very much my friends!! I appreciate it!!
Clara, thank you for your beautiful wishes🥰🥰🥰!!

-- Konstantina


-- Mis dulces tentaciones

Thank you Asya! I’m glad you liked it!!

-- Konstantina

Thank you very much Jolana!!

-- Konstantina

Aww, it is so pretty and a clever idea!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you my friends!!!

-- Konstantina


-- Darina

It turned out beautifully…happy belated birthday Konstantina.

-- Elena

So beautiful! ❤️

-- Dáša Krettová