R2D2 Talking Cake

R2D2 Talking Cake
R2D2 Talking Cake
R2D2 Talking Cake

A 50th Birthday cake for the best partner in the Galaxy! My lovely man turned 50 this week and he is a massive Star Wars fan, so i made this huge cake! R2D2 stands just under two foot and inside R2’s body is 4 light fruit cakes ( his favourite), then covered in marzipan and over 4 kilos of fondant!
Added bonus was the sound card making R2D2 talk. This cake took many hours, lots of late nights and early mornings but totally worth it for my lovely man.

Deb, Essex, www.facebook.com/dinkyliciouscakes



Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

No way!!! That is so awesome!!!!!

WOW! Incredible work!!

The Garden Baker

Wow….Awesome cake….Awesome job!!!

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