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My 4 ft tall pastillage n royal icing palace

This was done for yeners way pastillage competition… helped me bag second place …in the competition ….n also live chat with chef serdar 😁😁…I am excited about this part!! Hope u all like my work too…thanks for looking 😊

-- Rinky

Beauty! 💙

-- Dáša Krettová

Thank u Daphne And goreti 😊😊

-- Rinky

Fabulous work!! Congrats on the 2nd place!

-- The Garden Baker

Thank you the garden baker😊😊

-- Rinky

Stunning 💖😊😍😍

-- Dubey Cakes

Thank u bethann 😊😊

-- Rinky

Thank u Elli 😊😊

-- Rinky