Islamic geometry and water lillies

Islamic geometry and water lillies

I have had the idea for this cake for a long time (years!). I wanted to make a moorish design that was original but at the same time authentic. I wanted it to be done by hand, customizable (no set cutters) and with the simplest tools possible. I had it at the back of my mind for a long time until, all by coincidence, I came across the work of Samira Mian on Islamic geometry on youtube last year and had a lightbulb moment – back in February I went on a course with her before covid kicked in and fell in love with thks kind of geometry art. It took a lot of work and all this time since Feb to decide on the pattern, how to apply it to the cake, colour scheme and sugar flowers. It has been a real labour of love and I have learned so much from the constant trial and error! I love it, hope you will like it! ❤


Lovely. Well done ☺️

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Beautiful details 💖😊😍

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