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Rainbow sprinkles wedding cake

Small wedding cake made for a wedding with a rainbow theme. I thought it turned out pretty, fun, and super cute all at the same time! Bottom tier and initial “C” both are entirely coated in rainbow non-pareil sprinkles! Thanks for the awesome tutorial posted on this site by The Greedy Baker. It was a HUGE help! :)

-- Dani, The Cake Chick, facebook.com/cakechickdani

wedding sprinkles rainbow


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wow this is gorgeous, I bet the Greedy Baker who posted the tutorial will be proud

Dani Johnson

Thank you for calling out Greedy Baker! I should have done so in my post but didn’t think to call them out by name, so much appreciated! Greedy Baker, your tutorial ROCKS!

Ana Remígio - CUPCAKES & DREAMS Portugal

Really lovely!!! Great job Dani!!! xx

Dani Johnson

A-ha! Figured out how to edit my post to give Greedy Baker a call-out instead of it being just a generic thanks for the tutorial. They deserve it for such great instructions. :)

Tiffany Palmer

This is great! Such a fun cake.

Raewyn Read Cake Design

Oh this is fabulous Dani! Kate from The Greedy Baker will love this! Well done :) xx


Stunning cake! You are so right – pretty, fun and super freaking cute sums it up! I’m so pleased you found the tute helpful, but you sure deserve all the credit for this little beauty. Great work ~ Kate :)

Dani Johnson

Thanks so much everyone! It was so super fun to make. :)

Make Pretty Cakes

Super cute cake! xoxo

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Rainbow sprinkles wedding cake