Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Santa Claus Santa Claus

Figure of Santa Claus made out of fondant, 23 cm high, with a chimney that is also a pedestal, 17 cm wide. I made the figure as a gift for a humanitarian action to help a little girl, so the logical choice was Santa Claus, children love it, and it is necessary on this occasion that we put a good spirit,love, happiness and a little bit of Christmas and New Year’s magic.
I use this space to wish you all Happy New Year’s with one wish for all , to make our next year much better and to forget 2020 as soon as possible.
Dear friends, stay healthy and keep on smiling!



This is absolutely fabulous, Natasa!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Wow so awesome 💖😊😍😍

Dubey Cakes

Beautiful. 👍

More Than Cakes

óóóó ten je krááásnýýý!!! ♥ :-)


Maravilloso trabajo!

My Cake Natalia Casaballe

Wow! Absolutely amazing! Perfect work! ❤️

Dáša Krettová