Sugar conkers (buckeyes)) with foliage

Sugar conkers (buckeyes)) with foliage

Totally sugar – shelled conkers, foliage and fallen leaves and conkers.


Muy bello trabajo💗😍

Cuentos de Azúcar

They are beautiful!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Beautiful💖they look real 💖😊😍

Dubey Cakes

Natasha those are wonderful and so realistic.
I have a friend from Ohio who was here in California on a visit. . At lunch she discovered a Buckeye tree outside the restaurant where we had lunch. She and her girls knocked down one of the pods and she took it home by plane and planted it. As far as I know it survived. But it still makes me laugh that a California Buckeye tree is now growing in the Buckeye State of Ohio.