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Christening cake topper

Hello everybody, it has been a while I didn’t post here…
I enjoyed summertime, after lock down. I hope you all are doing well.
I made this cake topper for a christening, next week.
Hope you like it!

-- Clara

Woow! It’s adorable!!!❤️ ❤️ ❤️ Looks great my dear Clara ❤️

-- Felis

Thank you, darling Felis 🥰

-- Clara

Clara, dear, you make the cutest toppers!!!
So glad that you had an enjoyable summer :)

-- The Garden Baker

Thank you, my darling! 😍
Hope you and your family also had a great time ❤️

-- Clara

This is so cute with the golden stars, remained me the song: twinkle twinkle little star….


So cute ❤

-- Olina's taarten

He is simply adorable, dear Clara!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

So adoraaaable! 💙💛🤍

-- Dáša Krettová

Gorgeous xx

-- sugar and art - perfect combination!

Thank you sooo much
Agnes ❤️
Olina ❤️
Sandra ❤️
Daphne ❤️
Jolana ❤️
Christine ❤️
Elli ❤️

-- Clara

Delightful 😁😁

-- 🇬🇧

Very cute, dear Clara ❤️

-- Anka