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Mermaid- Ametyst Coralie

Let me share with you this mermaid made for the international cake collaboration:
In the Realm of Mermaids a Journey Through the Fantasy organized by the Sugar Mad Group.

It was an honor to participate and share with so many great and talented artists.

For this project, I decided to make a bas-relief sugar paste modeling piece, using rice paper sails next to the hand-modeled wavers and also gelatin paper accents to add some transparency to the tail and the hair.

I love Mermaids and now I have a new girl for my collection.
~Hope you like it!

-- Cristina Arévalo- The Art Cake Experience

Beautiful ❤️

-- Astrologer,Cake Artist & Trainer,Dr RB. Sudha

Sooo beautiful💖

-- sugar voyager

Just love her 💖

-- Linda Hackett

Awesome!!! 💖

-- SweetUs

She is so cure, beautiful piece!

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thanks, everyone!

-- Cristina Arévalo- The Art Cake Experience


-- ErickZeaO'PhelanSugarArt

Brillante! :)

-- @angelcakedesigner


-- Anka

One of my favourites in the collaboration, so magical 😍😍❤

-- Jens bakey cakey