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The Roses are Red, The Lilies are White

A very romantic vintage style cake for a young couple. The lovely bride wanted a floral cake and pointed out one of my vintage style cake as inspirations. I made the design and she was pleased. This one was absolutely within my comfort zone… my kind of cake! Once I finished I thought McKinley Wilton will be proud of me! White cake frosted and filled in buttercream. Roses, lilies and greenery in fondant. Piping in buttercream.

vintage vintage cake vintage wedding cake red roses wedding cake white lilies buttercream cake white cake piping stringwork


Sandra Smiley

Goodness gracious girl! Look at that piping, magnificent! And here I thought fancy desserts were your specialty!

Elli Warren

So beautiful!! :-) x

The Garden Baker

GORGEOUS piping! and in buttercream! Amazing work!! Beautiful flowers!

Penny Sue



Beautiful! I love vintage style cakes!

Regina Coeli Baker

Thanks ladies, as I said before, it was pleasing to see that young couples still value an old style cake!


Your fondant work is fabulous!!

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The Roses are Red, The Lilies are White