Nils Tree - Children's classic books Dreamland challenge

Nils Tree - Children's classic books Dreamland challenge

This is the second edition of this challenge that now features literary works written from 1900 onwards as a way to rescue children’s reading as a universal treasure for children hosted by Carolina Wachter

The goal of this work is to create a cake inspired by a novel of the XX century. The subject, a character invented by me, must be able to take its place naturally in that history.

I chose a novel that I discovered when I was 10 and that I immediately loved: The Wonderful Journey of Nils Holgersson through Sweden (original title: Nils Holgerssons underbara resa genom Sverige) written by Selma Lagerlöf in 1906.

It tells the adventures of a young farm boy transformed into a dwarf following the curse of a tomte. Nils is led to follow some wild geese in the company of a jars from his farm. He thus travels a large part of Sweden, helping his jar and living incredible and touching adventures.

During his trip Nils heard the story of a hill that had become completely arid due to the greed of the villagers who cut down the nearby forests. One day, the childrens of the village decided climbe on the hill with toy peels and small buckets. All along the way they collect seeds and to green the hill again. Parents and residents are carried away by this momentum start to to help the children. A large forest will then grow on this arid hill. I loved this ecological story and I decided to choose one of the trees planted by the children as a character. It is strong, tall, and generous and has wide branches. Under its shade the greenery has returned. Even a pond is now taking place. In the sky, the geese move away carrying Nils towards other wonderful adventures.


wonderful story great creative process inventing from 0 is not easy



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Sugar Creations Belinda Lucidi

Beautiful piece! LOve it!

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love oyur concept dear thanks for your hard work in this challenge