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One Silly Giraffe...

In celebration of my youngest grandson’s 6 month birthday.
The giraffe was copied from something that I once downloaded. I don’t remember the source. He is made entirely of a fondant / homemade modeling chocolate combination which enables him to fairly quickly become very sturdy and stiff and even to stay that way in hot weather. In spite of that he will easily melt in the mouth. He is held on to the side of the cake with one drop of chocolate. I deliberated between this version and a 2 giraffe version….

-- The Garden Baker

giraffe green brown royal icing stencil baby cake



Cute! Both versions.

Sandra Smiley

It is adorable this way, but I do love the second giraffe on top.


So cute! 💓

Felis Toporascu


Asya Vencheva

So cute!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")


The Garden Baker

Thank you, Darina :)
Thank you, Sandra :)
Thank you, Daphne :)
Thank you, Felis :)
Thank you, Asya :)
Thank you, June :)


So cute♥️😍😘


Delightful this one too!!!

The Garden Baker

Thank you so much, Clara!
Your smiling icon is always a delight to see :)

Olina Wolfs

So cute ☺

The Garden Baker

Thank you so much, Olina :)

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One Silly Giraffe...