Couture cakers International

Couture cakers International

Hello dear friends ,
this is my piece to Couture cakers International collaboration themed Islamic bridal dress with hijab .it was my 1st International collaboration. I’m very honored and thankfull to Heba al Elalfy I could be a part of this beautiful collaboration.
I hope You like it .These bridal dress enchanted me by their elegance and beauty. All edible.

Layla A


I love everything about your beautiful cake! Thanks for being a Couture Caker :) x

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at

Sooooo beautiful❤️

sugar voyager

Thank you so much DARINA❤
Thank you so much IVETKA ❤
Thank you so much KYOKO ❤
Thank you so much dear HEBA ,I appreciate it very much ❤🌸 it was my pleasure to be there😍

Layla A

Gorgeous cake! Beautiful painting and fabulous use of cake lace!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

That’s a work of art 😍😍😍


Yeey Thank You so much dear Sandra 😍
Thank you so much Clara sweetie ❤

Layla A