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Wedding postponed.

Our friend’s should have been getting married today,but had to take the decision to postpone it due to the current Corona virus crisis. I had completed the three tier cake which was my gift to them and all sponge tiers. I split the tiers and our friends had the top tier so at least they had something nice today. Middle tier went to mum in law for Mother’s day and the bottom tier I took for the hardworking staff at the residential home at the end of our street. They were so grateful for it and said it had cheered them up in this current situation. I was glad that something positive came out of the sadness. Keep well everyone. Xx


Urvi Zaveri

Beautiful. And indeed a great way to cheer up. Stay safe😊

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Thank you Urvi.x

Gabriela Doroghy

Beautiful cake!!! <3
Awesome gesture :)

Sandra Smiley

Very sad and frustrating, but the cake is beautiful!



Penny Sue

That’s a lovely cake. I too have lost cake orders and a wedding to this virus. I hope we can get through this soon.


Lovely cake

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Thank you so much Gabriela,Sandra,Kaliss,Penny Sue and Goreti.x




Beautiful & great ideas splitting it up in 3 good ways! (You made lemonade😉)

Jolana Brychova


Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Thank you Guppy and Jolana.x


Beautiful ❤️❤️❤️

Karen's Cakes And Bakes.

Thank you Evelindecora.x

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Wedding postponed.