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Moana Birthday Cake

Loved making this Moana cake back in January, for our sweet grandaughter, just turned 3. She specifically asked for this. She calls me Granny Calli-Cake 😂
Sponge cake covered in Saracino fondant and used their colours and cocoa butter to paint. Saracino flower paste used to make flowers.
She’s kinda special as she’s born same day as my daddy who passed 1990.

Belated Happy New Year all and all the best for 2020

-- You must never limit your challenges, instead you must challenge your limits

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Mariya's Cakes & Art

OMG, I love it👏👏👏

Felis Toporascu

Very beautiful!


Lovely 😍💓

Sandra Smiley

This is such a beauty, Calli! What a shame it is not painted on your granddaughter’s wall. I love her name for you, so precious!


Such a gorgeous cake! Fantastic painting!!! 😍👏👏👏


Fantastic work ♥️😍😍

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Absolutely wonderful….as always Calli!! ❤️❤️


Wow Calli! You always amaze us all with your gorgeous creations!!!😍
Such an adorable name for you, from your granddaughter ❤️

Asya Vencheva

Fantastic work!


Cake looks charming! I love it! Great work! ❤️

Ania - Sweet creations by Ania

Fantastic ❤❤

The Garden Baker

So very lovely and such gorgeous colors!


Lovely ♥️

Sweet Prodigy


Olina Wolfs

Gorgeous cake! ❤

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Moana Birthday Cake