Sponge Bob

This cake was challenging in the art way but the time scale way. I had this booked in, at the same time I was having my kitchen ripped out. Luckily I had organised to use a friends ( very kind of her) but obviously I had to travel back and forth from her home to mine ( which is about 4/5 miles) to decorate it etc. Well it was a tad frustrating, as I was going along swimmingly and the young boys father rang in a panic and informed the cake was for a day earlier.. ie that day 🤦‍♀️. Slightly stressed as I had another cake booked to. For that week . But hey ho. They cake went out, not quite as I would have liked it. But the little boy loved it.
Cake was a vanilla and raspberry cake .

-- Thetastymuffinmaker

smartflex velvet saracino pasta model various gumpaste tools spongebob squarepants


The Garden Baker

Very cute!

Asya Vencheva

So cute!

Sandra Smiley

It is as cute as can be!

Felis Toporascu


Bella's Cakes



Thank you so much Bella, felis, Sandra, Asya and the garden baker x 😘


Very cute


Thank you goreti xx 😘

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Sponge Bob