Elder scrolls

The young gentleman who received this cake was extremely Autistic and this was the very first time his mum had been allowed to celebrate his birthday . His grandmother always made him a Bakewell tart for his birthday. But this was the first birthday he had, had without her. So I made a cherry Bakewell cake for him.
The theme was the Elder Scrolls . He absolutely loved it and kept the dragon too x

-- Thetastymuffinmaker

massa ticino tropic saracino pasta model rice paper various gumpaste tools


The Garden Baker

Gorgeous cake and a handsome young man and I’m tearing up here :) Just look how happy you have made him!

Asya Vencheva


Sandra Smiley

This is fabulous, Andrea! Great that he had the dragon as a keepsake!

Felis Toporascu

Wonderful ❤️


The garden baker, I was much the same, lovely family they are, lovely young man x a pleasure 💙 x thank you Sandra, really s pleasure x thank you felis😘, thank you Asya 😘😘


Well done


Thank you goreti x 😘

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Elder scrolls