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Wedding Cake For A Blind Couple

It was my immense pleasure to create this wedding cake for a Blind School where two visually impaired teachers were getting married … it was a rare opportunity & I grabbed it !!! A creation extremely close to my heart..

The lower tiers are created in monochrom colours as people who are visually impaired are engulfed by a world devoid of colour … hence the poppies created in floral paste are black too …
However, the love in their life brought back the rays of hope & hence I created the upper tier in an array of pastel hues and also a peach rose & foliage & berries to fill up the happiness quotient love had brought back in their colourless life …

A Sindoor vessel is highlighted which is an integral part of Hindu wedding …also on the top tier is my favourite handcrafted edible couple who are visually impaired but enjoying each other’s company and the rituals on their special day …

-- Sayantanis Culinary Delights

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The Garden Baker

Beautiful work.



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Wedding Cake For A Blind Couple