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Bride in Cowboy Boots - Couture Cakers Int. 2019

Bride in Cowboy Boots was my contribution to the Couture Cakers 2019 Collaboration. This year we were asked to represent our home region and I chose a southern tradition. Many fun loving, spunky brides wear their favorite cowboy boots with their wedding dress. My bride is made of modeling chocolate, fondant and gum paste with sugar pearl and cake lace accents. She is 14" tall from the base.

Sandra Smiley
Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

modeling chocolate gum paste fondant petal and luster dusts wire armature cake lace sugar pearls modeling tools bride in cowboy boots couture cakers international 2019


Regina Coeli Baker

Ma’am that cute girl is just ready to dance! Great job my dear Sandra, like everything you do! AAAAAAAAwesome!


She is lovely <3

The Garden Baker



Love the expression on her face!!. Gorgeous and delightful as always dear Sandra!


Very beautiful!


Yours bride is beautiful, worked out in detail, dear Sandra! And the combination of wedding dresses and cowboy boots is fascinating! ❤️

Benny's cakes



beautiful !!

Monikine torty ( Cakes by Monika)

Brilliant work!!!


Beautiful 😍

Felis Toporascu

Wonderful work!!! Looks great! I love your piece!




Just mesmerized by her eyes…
Laces, boots, dress, the bow on her hair, blue forget me not flowers.. Every detail is simply astonishing, Sandra!
As always, I love your brilliant works!!!

Olina Wolfs

She’s so beautiful! 😃👏❤

Wafaa mahmoud


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Bride in Cowboy Boots - Couture Cakers Int. 2019