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Odissi dancer - Magnificent Bangladesh an international cake art collaboration

A completely edible bust sculpture made out of homemade modelling chocolate.

Odissi, a 2000 year old classical dance form, originated in Odisha, India and found a home in Bangladesh too. It represents the rich culture and traditional values of the land. The dance itself is so graceful and elegant and mainly revolves around the infinite love of Radha and Krishna. The saree worn by the dancers are bright coloured or white with bright borders in Pattasari silk. The jewellery worn are of handmade silver filigree. The big red “bindi” with the white design around it is typical of this dance form representing the sun, and sunrays. The head gear is handmade from dried reed called Sola and the design is full of symbolism. The make up is pronounced and bright.
I’ve tried to show all these aspects in a bust of an odissi dancer.

-- LaPetiteMeringue by Radha Dhaka

fondant gumpaste modelling chocolate rice krispie treats gel colors petal dusts modelling tools threaded rod nuts and bolts wooden board soft paintbrushes paint brushes #magnificentbangladesh bust cake sculpted cake dancer face modelling modeling chocolate


Felis Toporascu

Wonderful work!!… <3


Outstanding 😍

Radha Dhaka

Thank you Felis and Clara!

Sandra Smiley

Gorgeous sculpting, Radha!


It’s gorgeous ❤️

Tamanna Chatterjee

You have magic in your fingers Radhaji ❤️

zahraa fayyad


Cake Topperz( TASNUTA ALAM)

So beautiful!

DixieDelight by Lusie Lioe


CreativeExplo ( Sharon Siriwardena)

Beautiful 😍

Chanda Rozario


Radha Dhaka

Thank you so much everyone 💖💖💖

Gulcin Tekkas

Beautiful <3

Olina Wolfs


Seema Tyagi

She is amazing! ❤️

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Odissi dancer  - Magnificent Bangladesh  an international cake art collaboration