Platre Platre Platre Platre

Pared back textural design inspired by a Victorian plastered wall, its imperfections complemented by the stem of sugar lunaria/honesty seed pods.

This was something new for me! I thought I’d add texture using something other than a piping bag (in a Jasmine Rae Cakes-esque concrete cake sort of way) though this is more specifically inspired by the current bare Victorian plaster wall situation on my landing.

I achieved this effect just by doing everything wrong… using unsupple sugarpaste offcuts, kneading insufficiently, air-drying a little before rolling, rolling too small, patching tears, creasing and finally bashing it about a bit with whatever I could get my hands on – scrunched-up tin foil, a clean textured and torn tea towel, my scribing tool and a paring knife. Was therapeutic! (Took me back to my pottery days.)

I added some sugar lunaria/honesty in various stages of ripening as I thought their imperfection, colours and fragility complemented it nicely.