Sprinkles Cake

Sprinkles Cake

with thanks to “The Greedy Baker” for their tutorial http://cakesdecor.com/TheGreedyBaker/blog/259

and to Royal Bakery on Facebook for their bow tutorial https://www.facebook.com/notes/royal-bakery/satin-bow-tutorial/269261889761785

Thanks Lovelies for sharing your tutorials with us

Jo, NZ, https://www.facebook.com/CiccioCakes


Oh this is GORGEOUS!! And good on you for being so wonderful and giving our fabulous Greedy Baker and Royal Bakery the shout outs they thoroughly deserve! :) xxx

Raewyn, Sydney, Australia https://www.facebook.com/cakesbyraewyn

Thanks Raewyn, they are both such awesome tutorials, this cake was soooo easy to make & quick too, total of 1.5 hours if only they were all this easy

Jo, NZ, https://www.facebook.com/CiccioCakes

Love it! I’m going to have to try the Sprinkles cake! It turned out fabulous! I also love your perfect purple bows!!

Toni, Pennsylvania, https://www.facebook.com/WhiteCraftyCakes

Wonderful! I’m glad you found my tute helpful, you did a fabulous job! I just adore the addition of the fondant bow. Beautiful work x

Kate, Australia - visit me at http://www.facebook.com/thegreedybaker

Looks fabulous! Can’t believe you did it in 1.5 hours!

Nicole - Sidcup - www.signaturestylecakes.com

Looks fab! Sprinkles are so much fun! Just used them on an 8.5inch ball cake, was lots of fun to make! Love the big bows on your cake, really finishes it off :-) x


wow a round sounds like so much fun, just popped over to your page looks great

Jo, NZ, https://www.facebook.com/CiccioCakes