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Elegant Wedding Cake

There are very few once in a lifetime events quite like your wedding day. From the flowers and dress to the flavour of the cake, the option to plan and personalize your wedding with your own unique wedding ideas is truly in your court.
A wedding cake adds the finishing touch to any nuptials. Not only is the cutting of the cake the final formality of the day but it’s also often the last thing served to guests alongside dessert before they bid farewell to the happy newlyweds. From traditional tiered creations, to cheese towers, and everything in between, the cake – like the rest of the wedding – is truly personal.
Here, we have a wedding cake inspired by the bride’s affectionate pink and magical gold coloured attire.

-- Rachana's Food Galleria

Unbelievably elegant

Wow! I am loving it ❤❤

-- Monika's Bake Adda

Beautiful 😍

Gorgeous! ❤️

-- Dáša Krettová

So so beautiful. Cant take my eyes off

-- Cakemantra by mona

Awesome 😍

-- Clara

Pretty cake 👌🏻