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A Teddy for Oz

A blue Teddy made as a Welcome Cake for my newest grandson :)
This is the first Teddy cake that I have ever made so the tension of: will the head stay on, will the bow stick and whatever will I do with the board were just a few of the challenges. By far the most difficult was piping buttercream in VERY warm weather! For every 3 minutes of piping Teddy went back to the fridge for 10! He is yet to be delivered so now I have nightmares of all of his “fur” melting and dripping off. Would love to do this again. Next time with more confidence … and in the winter!!!
Inspired by a Paul Bradford cake.
Sugar Veil lace mat for the bow and the foot pads.

-- The Garden Baker

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So adorable!



Asya Vencheva

Very sweet!


Your Teddy is absolutely adorable!
I LOOOVE that shade of blue color in combination with brown color for details! The fur is perfectly done.
Welcome to your grandson ❤️😘😘

The Garden Baker

Thank you, DDelev :)
Thank you, Darina :)
Thank you, Asya :)

The Garden Baker

Dear Clara, You lift my spirits whenever I’m in doubt.
Thank you so much for your very encouraging words :)

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

So very sweet…


So sweet and very adorable!!!!


So cute!

Sandra Smiley

This little fellow is so adorable he makes me giggle! Love, love him! Have you tried Sedar Yener’s Portable Cooler for delivering cakes? I use it for every delivery, even in winter, and it is amazing and easy. The only thing I do differently is to have one end open so the cake will slide in and out instead of being lowered down into the box.

Felis Toporascu



So adorable! ❤

Jolana Brychova


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A Teddy for Oz