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Marry Me Cookies

I made these for my friend Steve who was proposing to his girlfriend Jen. Jen has a biscuit business called b is for biscuit ( so Steve wanted to surprise Jen with some Marry me cookies :o) I thought it was a very sweet idea. In the picture you cant quite see how glittery they are… She said yes and apparently loved the cookies.

-- Ella, London UK, or

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Tiffany Palmer

What a sweet idea! They look very nice.


Super idea! It’s my favs!!!

Strawberry Lane Cake Company

Thank you SweetBee and aldoska :o)


wow the sweetest! and what a lovely idea indeed!

Sandra's cakes

very cute, but if my hubby was just proposing & gave me cakes made by someone else I would have said NO!! LOL xx


That’s so sweet! :-)

Komel Crowley

Love the concept! Great work!

Lisa-Jane Fudge

Nice story :)

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Marry Me Cookies