La belle ferronnière :Da vinci Challenge

La belle ferronnière :Da vinci Challenge
La belle ferronnière :Da vinci Challenge La belle ferronnière :Da vinci Challenge La belle ferronnière :Da vinci Challenge La belle ferronnière :Da vinci Challenge

Leonardo Da Vinci Challenge :Hosted By Raquel Garcia ,My insipiration is La belle ferronnière
Chocolate Bust:

Hi ,I am Dr RB Sudha:Astrologer and Trainer From India.A Mother of three sons and a self made person with over a decade of experience in teaching having doctorate in Astrology and several Certifications in Baking,Chocolate making. I love making sugar dolls and 3d sculpting figures.Currently conducting Baking,Decoration and Patisserie workshops in Hyderabad India.I have been Featured in Several News paper and Tv Programmes.I love participating in international collabrations. I beleive Collabrations gives a oppurtunity to grow as an artsist and to learn new techniques,Loved participating in Beautiful Food cake Challange Collabration and meet all other wonderful artist around the world. Looking forward to meet many more artist around the world and appreciate their work.Hope u all like my Piece.



About My piece:

My insipiration is La belle ferronnière which is a portrait of a lady, usually attributed to Leonardo da Vinci, in the Louvre Abu Dhabi. It is also known as Portrait of an Unknown Woman. The painting’s title, applied as early as the seventeenth century, identifying the sitter as the wife or daughter of an ironmonger (a ferronnier), was said to be discreetly alluding to a reputed mistress of Francis I of France, married to a certain Le Ferron. The tale is a romantic legend of revenge in which the aggrieved husband intentionally infects himself with syphilis, which he passes to the king through infecting his wife.
Leonardo’s Lady with an Ermine, has also been known by this name. This was once believed to be a portrait of Cecilia Gallerani—one of the mistresses of Lodovico ‘il Moro’ Sforza, Duke of Milan.The narrative and the title were applied to Lady with an Ermine when it was in Princess Czartoryski’s collection, and became confused with La Belle Ferronniere by the presence in this image also of a jewel worn on a delicate chain across the forehead, called a ferronnière.

Although the model of the painting La Belle Ferronniere is still shrouded in mystery, the landmark exhibition “Leonardo Da Vinci: Painter at the Court of Milan” listed the portrait as possibly depicting Beatrice d’Este, wife of Ludovico Sforza.This challenges the portrait’s earlier attribution to Lucrezia Crivelli, a mistress of Ludovico.

A humble attempt of bust of this beautiful painting of the master Da vinci,Made with modelling chocolate,fondant, ricecrispy treats,free hand painting,internal structure used.

Thanks for looking.

Tools Used: Saracino Modelling paste,Sculpting tools,Sugarin dust colors, Chef Master colors, Magic Fondant,Magic colors, Rice Crispy treats.