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Mexican Alebrijes Cupcakes

Mexican Alebrijes Cupcakes

The Alebrijes are colourful wood carved or papier maché imaginary creatures typical from the Oaxaca state, Mexico.

Disney’s popular movie “Coco” recently popularized them and, although described as part of the local traditions and beliefs, the Alebrijes were created quite recently, in the 1930’s by a papier maché artist called Pedro Linares.

Nowadays, they are THE souvenir people bring back home when visiting Oaxaca.

The Disney movie contributed to make people think they are a kind of totem animal, like a Harry Potter patronus, they choose according to their own personality.

That’s exactly what I invite people to do with my Mexican Alebrijes Cupcakes.

Although my Alebrijes are colourful, I decided not to represent imaginary creatures. I chose instead to model existing Mexican endemic species. It should be specified that all of these 6 species are endangered.

I usually give names to my creations and I decided my Alebrijes should have meaningful indigenous names:

NameMeaningIndigenous Community
Axochitl – Water flower – Nahua
Xochimitl – Flowered arrow – Nahua
Maatiaak – Desert – Kiliwa
Tlayolotl – Heart of the earth – Nahua
Iktan – Clever – Maya
Itzamatul – Who has the grace of the sky – Maya

These cupcakes allowed me to win a gold medal, a best in class and an oustanding note of 100/100 at the Cake International on Tour in London.

Learn more here : “http://www.uncupcakeladdition.fr/2019/04/cupcakes-alebrijes-mexicains_7.html”;

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