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A tribute to the Batman comic

I’ve always liked to enjoy a good caricature and if it’s adventure and super heroes more and Batman brings all that together. My piece is made with Royal Icing and stained glass paintings in a box that measures 90 cm in height by 70 cm in width. I leave you the link of this wonderful collaboration that makes the side of many talented colleagues and led by the Genial Vicki du Plessis. Thank you sweety.

pinturas vitral royal icing fondant duyas mangas hands batman


The Garden Baker

Great job.

Rosa Laura Sáenz

The Garden Baker Thank you so much sweety

Sandra Smiley

Beautiful work, Rosa!

Super Fun Cakes & More (Katherina Perez)

Precioso tu trabajo Rosita!


Awesome work, Rosa 😍

Raquel García

Impresionante trabajo!!!

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A tribute to the Batman comic