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Srilankan wild flora cupcakes

This is my contribution for “Beautiful Srilanka” Cske collaboration;
My inspiration is the wild flora of Srilanka. Srilanka is a tropical paradise and our wild flowers are vibrant and gorgeous and quite artistic; even the local names of these wild flowers are something pretty special and exotic ; I wish to pay tribute to these flowers which are gradually getting endemic ..
I have piped these flowers that have been a part of practically every srilankan child ; but sadly the new generation hardly see these anymore;
And I hope this will bring a new highlight for these forgotten beauties ;

Erambudu ; the Avurudu or festival flower

Binara ; endemic and only found in Horton plains in Srilanka

Nil Manel; or Blue water lily ; Srilanka’s Nation flower

Rath Mal ; or ixora Cocinnea ; the flowers berries lead plant all contain medicinal properties

Niyagala flower ; or flame Lilly

Nil katoralu ; or butterfly pea .. Common wild flower in various hues.. Mostly blue and sometimes all white

Sal mala ; this flower and tree bears a special place in Bhudhist history and culture :according to Bhudhist literature, lord Sidhartha Gauthama was born under a Sal tree in Lumbini Sal Uyana

Kandyan Dancer Orchid ; thus called as it resembles a Kandyan Dancer in costume

Gandapana flower; or lantana Camera is another common wild flower found thought Srilanka ; especially in the dry regions


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