Tamil Bride For Beautiful Srilanka Collabaration

I love participating in international collabrations.i beleive Collabrations gives a oppurtunity to grow as an artsist and to learn new techniques,Loved participating in Beautiful Srilankan Collabration and meet all other wonderful artist around the world. Looking forward to meet many more artist around the world and appreciate their work.Hope u all like my Piece.


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About My piece:

My inspiration for Beautiful Srilanka collab hosted by beautiful Sharon Siriwardena ❤❤
Hand painted cake a Chocolate Bust of Traditional Tamil Srilankan Bride Bedecked with Gold Jewellery and Dreams in her eyes.The Tamil brides from Sri Lanka dress very similar to South Indian brides in white or bright coloured Silk Sarees . If someone were to ask me what makes Tamil Sri Lankan weddings so special, I’d say it’s how the bride looks on her big day. They set the finest example of balancing glam and elegance.

All bride looks stunning ! Doesn t this bride too 🙂

Thanks for looking.

Supplies: saracino modelling paste fondant sculpting tools sugarin colors and chef master colors internal structure chocolate cake rice crispy treats.

Tools: modelling tools modeling chocolate modelling paste fondant fondant cake fondant tools structure painted cake jewel mould

Tags: #saracino sri lanka collaboration #collab #art #cake bride

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Dr RB.Sudha ...

Thank you :)

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Bryan Salazar ...

Love it

Clarisa Borunda ...

Wonderful, you did an amazing job 💖

Un Cupcake, l'Addition ! ...

Fantastic !

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Dr RB.Sudha ...

Thank you all 💕

Niro Riyaz ...

amazing ❤️

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GoshCakes ...

So sweet

DomiCakesArt ...

Love it:)

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Cake Topperz( TASNUTA ALAM) ...

Fabulous 😍

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Tamil Bride For Beautiful Srilanka Collabaration