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Seema Acharya
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My contribution towards Eye Candy- A Cake Collective Collaboration!

Tom Hanks is one of the most versatile celebrity, who has touched the lives of commoners in every aspect. I find him someone who you can look upon as a role model.
Hanks is one of the nation’s finest actors and filmmakers. His roles and countless iconic movies have left an indelible mark on American film, and people at large. Off screen, Hanks has advocated for social and environmental justice, and for our veterans and their families. Presidential award recipient in 2016 tells
it all!
When I had to select a Hollywood Star for the Eye Candy Collaboration, the choice was easy! Though the biggest challenge was how to represent all his achievements in a single piece of Cake Art. The solution
was simpler than I thought, let him speak for himself!!!

-- Frosted Cake Art

Awesome! ❤️

-- Seema's Cake Couture

Great job.

-- The Garden Baker

Great piece..

-- Creativity is God's gift to us. Using our creativity is our gift back to God. Clarky's Cakes 😎

Great <3

-- #ardeca #bygulcintekkas

Fabulous sculpting, Seema! You captured Tom perfectly and I agree that he is the greatest actor of his time.

-- Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you so much Seema, Felis, the garden baker, nonahomemadecakes, Derika, June, Gulcin and Sandra. 💖

-- Frosted Cake Art

Awww…Thanks Sandra!
…isn’t he! Adore him ❤️ I can watch his movies a zillion times ☺️🥰

-- Frosted Cake Art

Fabulous work dear!😍

-- Tasnuta Cake Artistry

Fantastic work my dear friend!!!

-- Raquel García Martínez

Thanks Tasnuta, Raquel and Elli! 💖🤗

-- Frosted Cake Art


-- Anka -