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Wine and Cheese Themed Wedding Cake

This is a Wine and Cheese Themed Cake that was made in collaborationg with Myton Ouano of Anotnio’s Kitchen.
Myton and I are really close friends ( with each other ) and the couple too, and this was our gift to them.
This is made from all edible materials ( all except the gold foil on top of the bottle )
mostly handpainted details, with the exception of the edible print for the label.

wine cheese crate wedding cake fondant gumpaste bottle party topper anniversary engagement


Mayen Orido

Thank you so much !!!


amazing! gorgeous! flawless! holy cow! great job mayen!!!!

Toni (White Crafty Cakes)

This is absolutely perfect Mayen! I’ll bet most of the people at the wedding didn’t even realize it was cake until they were told!

Peggy Does Cake



Love it!

Raewyn Read Cake Design

It’s fabulous Mayen! They must have been so pleased! :) xx

Bonnie Carmine

Once again you’ve “WOWED” me! I just LOVE your work…you really have an amazing talent and you’re so sweet. I’m still praying for your brother, I hope he’s doing well. Haven’t checked your page lately for an update.

Bliss Pastry

Mayen your cakes are always impeccable! You and Myton make an excellent team!

Nancy's Cakes and Beyond

Oh I just love how this turned out!! Looks great!!!

Mayen Orido

Thank you Harina !!!

Mayen Orido

thank you so much Nancy !!!

Mayen Orido

Thank you Kristen for your input. I love working with Myton – we come from totally different styles and this cake turned out great - we’ve been friends for over a decade—- and just recently discovered we can make cakes—— so it was such an important thing for us :)
(unnecessary detail haha… we ( Jim and I ) are godparents to both of their children… and vice versa…. so it was really nice to work on something like this… our old projects together were limited to painting rooms or our kids )

Mayen Orido

Thank you so much Rae!

Mayen Orido

Thank you Bonald ! And thanks for your thoughts about my brother.. I try not to mix my personal life with cakes but sadly on that day I had to ask for prayers … we thought he was at the brink of a heart attack or stroke because of the weird symptoms he just had. He’s only 26! We just found out that it could be a nerve problem and he is undergoing therapy for the next few months to “fix” it. Im just glad it’s that and not the other… :) thanks again

Mayen Orido

Thank you so much Toni!

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Wine and Cheese Themed Wedding Cake