The dream project

The dream project

Long post Alert…..

When u are passionate, everything is possible, you only need to be more focussed and disciplined towards it.

I had a dream to make these type of cakes when I started my journey. Slowly I started focusing on my work and with continuous effort and passion I was crossing each and every hurdle. But still the dream was to make these types of cakes..

I had a workshop going on and the student …Priyanka ….brought an Internet pic and showed me and told me that Mam I would love to make this. A spark came and very confidently I told her lets do it. But after she went home for the day, I was very puzzled as to how can I do this ? Priyanka wanted this cake to be taken to her relative wedding. That whole night I could not sleep… Thinking how I would go about I would do. The next day Priyanka came with full excitement as she was going to help me make the cake, but before starting on the cake we planned everything very meticulously so that we do not face any problems….the structure, the number and weight of cakes, the decorations, the colour palette etc.

We started with the structure and the tipsy turvy design of the cake and after we were satisfied with the sturdiness of the structure, we continued with the project. Under my guidance, Priyanka made endless number of flowers and decorated the different cakes and accessories. We used a lot of fondant and the toughest part was the colouring of the cake, flowers and the royal icing, which by the grace of God turned out to be perfect and appealing…

When there is positivity, things work. We worked day and night to make large number of sugar flowers, Cakes draped with fondant and designing with royal icing etc. It is truly said when u have hard working people,God helps and Priyanka was there every time helping to make this beauty come out.

Every thing was done . The cake was ready to deliver but alas it did not fit in the Innova as it was approx four feet tall. The function was about to start and we had no option but to book a small truck to carry this beauty to its destination. Thank you so much uncle ji and special thanks to you Priyanka …This one is for you….