The cake story




Sugar art against bullying

I participated in a sugar art collaboration against bullying. And this was my entry. There is a story for my submission. Because what is a cake without a story. The cake story

Mathi’s hope. Say no to bullying.

Everyone will find themself in the dark at a certain moment in his life. But not just in the dark, but in the dark without stars. Without a single bright spot in the sky. Nothing to lead us out of this darkness. Everyone is there for his own special reason. Our light within ourselves has been extinguished. That is why fighting against the dark is useless. It tries to grab you and does not let you go. Then you should know that there are special people among us: Light-bearers. These are people who have found their own light from the dark and who know themselves so well that they can share their light. These light bearers also see that your light is extinguished. Why, nobody knows that, but it is true. Sometimes you will not even notice that you are near a light bearer but the light bearer finds you. They will not always succeed but they will always try. It’s that hand on your shoulder, that little gesture. That look in their eyes that they will stand on your side and help you fight yout demons. Because the real light is within yourself. And if you found it again. You will be a light bearer yourself. And just like all those others, you can pass on your light. Because really everyone will at one point find themselves in the dark. In the dark, without stars.




Michal Bulla

Well done ;)

Chantal den Uyl

Zow mooi



Olina Wolfs

Zo mooi!


Beautiful 😍



Karen Dodenbier


Chris Toert

Prachtig ! Bedankt voor je steun, bedankt voor je inzet en om mee te doen !!!



Dora Th.

So beautiful !!

Elli Warren

fabulous cake! :-) x

Cakeicer (Shirley)

Lovely and so important!

The cake story

Thank you all so much. This is such an important subject. I am so proud to have been part of this collaboration. Together we can stop bullying❤

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Sugar art against bullying