Sugar art Tegen Pesten Vzw MATHI'S HOOP. Collaboration "Lost"

A collaboration that gives attention to be against bullying.

A lot of people young and old still get bullied every day. At school at work at home everywhere. And with the internet these days it is even easier. And everything goes viral and all of the sudden it is not one person that is bullying you but a large group.

There are some who just cannot live with this and take their own life. With people surrounding them with love near. But they just cannot hear them over all the bullying they hear.

That is what my piece shows. The struggle and listening to the bullies instead of the ones that love you!

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geweldig wat een top stuk

Karen Dodenbier



Realy feeling this one! Fab

Dora Th.


Olina Wolfs

Very nice! 😃

Chris Toert

Prachtig ! Bedankt voor je steun, je inzet en om mee te doen !

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Sugar art Tegen Pesten Vzw MATHI'S HOOP. Collaboration "Lost"