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Beanie Boo Cake

Hi! it has been a little while :) Here is a little cake that I have made recently with custom cake toppers made out of fondant.

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Sassy Cakes and Cupcakes (Anna)

This makes me happy! Loving the colours and the gorgeous animals


How adorable! 💕



Elli Warren

Aww so cute!! :-) x

Znique Creations

Thank you very much Anna, EvLundecpra, Anka andElli ❤️

Sweet Bites by Ana


June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Super cute…

Calli Creations

Too cute

Sonal Soni

Super cute and amazing colours 😍



Znique Creations

Thank you very much Ana, June, Calli, Sonal and Tortolandia 💖

Sweet Dreams by Heba

love love love this cake, Zelda! :) xx

Sandra Smiley

This is simply delightful, Zelda! The colors are so happy and pretty and I adore the little critters!

Znique Creations

Thank you very much Heba and Sandra 💖

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Beanie Boo Cake