Pirate Cake

Pirate Cake
Pirate Cake Pirate Cake Pirate Cake

This one was for someone special to me,my little niece was making a pirate party,so aunt must make something with a pirates.At first I wanted to do some happy kids pirate staff,but she said oh no I want a scary pirate.I sad OK ,and make it scary ;) Not for small kids ,but she loved it,so I made her wish come thru,but I am afraid to ask what other kids on the party said,and if they had a sweet dreams ,after the party ;)



Fabulous job! He is quite the frightening fellow :)

The Garden Baker

Super job! Great modelling! As long as the birthday girl was happy, that’s all that matters! :)


Thank you all on nice comments!


It is fabulous, Natasa! Wonderful sculpting! I bet all the children loved it, they are tough!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Thank you Sandra and Claudia <3


Very cute!!!!

Raquel García Martínez

Awesome 💖😊😍

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