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THE 1 Collab - Nature Calls

The brief was to decorate a one tiered cake of any shape without carving. It was an honor to take part in what was a creativity test collaboration. It was simply just THE 1 😁

I am always inspired by nature but had never attempted to model birds before. So I jumped at the chance.

The birds were created using Sugarstreet Studio’s Sugar Clay for the first time. It felt like using a mix of modelling paste that worked like modelling chocolate.

The rest of the cake involved the use of Renshaw fondant and saracino modelling paste.

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Olina Wolfs

Awesome 😃

Chanda Rozario


Felis Toporascu


Sweet Dreams by Heba

Felicia, this cake is beautiful and so colorful. I love it! :) x

Essentially Cakes

Gorgeous x



Sandra Smiley

I love this and you did such a great job on your birds!


Just a stunning job

Raquel García

Fantastic work!!!


This is amazing cake💕

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THE 1 Collab - Nature Calls