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Unicorns, doughnuts, Little Mix and pugs....

My niece is the reason I started to make cakes so every year she receives a birthday cake as a gift from me. For the last couple of years she has been designing her own cake and this year was no exception.
I love the way that in a 10 year olds world unicorns, doughnuts, Little Mix and a pug dog all go together on a cake. It seemed to work too! 💕
I used an on line video by Laura Loukaides to make the pug and a You tube video by Dolce Dita for the unicorn.

Butterfly Cakes and Bakes

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The Garden Baker

Lovely! And yes, it all does go well together with the wonderful colors in the background.


So cute

Calli Creations




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Unicorns, doughnuts, Little Mix and pugs....