Paddington cake

Paddington cake

Quite the story behind this one, client was NOT happy with it… Oh well, sometimes that’s just how the cake crumbles. ;)

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That’s fabulous!! Adorable. I don’t understand why someone wouldn’t be happy with this cake!!!

Magda Pietkiewicz

Beautiful cake!


Adorable! 😍😀

Olina's taarten

Super cute! ❤️

Floralilie Sugar Art

This is absolutely fabulous, Dominique! You need to fire that client! You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life.

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Adorable!! I agree with Sandra!!

As soon as I saw this cake, it brought a smile to my face!! I cannot imagine why the customer didn’t love it?? I guess you definitely won’t be making cakes for them anymore..especially if they can’t appreciate such a terrific cake!!

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