Endangered Pangolin

Endangered Pangolin
Endangered Pangolin Endangered Pangolin Endangered Pangolin

With up to a million individuals poached within the last decade alone, pangolins are the most trafficked mammal in the world. All eight species of the little-known creature are categorized as “vulnerable,” “endangered,” or “critically endangered.” Demand for the flesh, body parts and scales is what drives the illegal trade. When the buying stops, the killing stops too.

So thrilled to be featured in Singapore Toggle network’s digital series ‘Crazy Cakes’, featuring bakers and cake artists from around the region and their most outrageous, mind-boggling creations, and additionally, collaborating withTRAFFIC, an NGO which works globally to monitor wildlife trade in wild animals and plants, in the context of both biodiversity conservation and sustainable development, to help raise awareness about pangolins and thier plight.

Find out more about pangolins and their plight at: http://www.traffic.org/pangolins/
Toggle SG “The endangered Pangolin Cake” : https://video.toggle.sg/en/series/crazy-cakes/ep13/609960

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Awesome!! Fantastic work! 😍


Urvi's Creamy Creations

Beautiful work! And thank you, too, for the knowledge. I had never before heard of pangolins. So many species are in danger because of those who think that they have the right to own and to kill at their whim.

The Garden Baker