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Number 25 cake

A number 25 sculpted cake celebrating 25 yrs of service in a company.

A lemon cake with a homemade lemon curd filling and white chocolate ganache frosting with ivory, lilac and deep purple flowers.

-- Savitha Alexander Cake Designs

lemon cake lemoncurd white chocolate fondant shaped cake sculpted cake number cake 25th anniversary lemon cake lemon curd white chocolate ganache fonant cake deep purple ivory lilac lavender dragées celebration cake


Aurelia's Cake



So romantic 💕

Gabriela Doroghy

Beautiful <3

Magda's Cakes (Magda Pietkiewicz)

Beautiful 😊

Sweet Dreams by Heba

oh my gosh, that is too pretty to cut into but it sounds delicious too!! :) x

Savitha Alexander

Thank you my friends 💕💞

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Number 25 cake