Puerto Rico Rises Collaboration

Puerto Rico Rises Collaboration
Puerto Rico Rises Collaboration

Big thanks to Maritza Baez, of Maritza’s Sugar Creations, for inviting me to participate in this beautiful little collab!! You have to check out the other creations : https://www.facebook.com/Puerto-Rico-Rises-Cake-Collaboration-172421576785175/
A real pleasure to be in it :)
I made this cake inspired by the Puerto Rican Tody, which is locally known as the San Pedirito, translated to Little Saint Peter. It is protected by conservationists, who are working to ensure the survival of this bird that has made Puerto Rico its home. The Puerto Rican Tody is a small & colorful bird, measuring only eleven centimeters and weighing a maximum of six grams. They are, however, easy to identify as they are very colorful with green plumage that is highlighted by a lightly colored belly and a vibrant red throat. It has a fairly long beak, and females have white eyes, while the males’ eyes are grey. Their under tail plumage is blue-grey in color, with their legs and feet being a reddish pink coloring. They prefer wooded and forested areas for their habitats, as their diet consists of insects such as beetles, earwigs, grasshoppers, flies, spiders and dragonflies, which are readily available in dense, damp forests. My cake is a rich and delicious chocolate cake, homemade raspberry filling and vanilla buttercream. It’s decorated using Satin Ice fondant, edible dusts, edible gels and wafer paper. Find more photos on my FB page, Sweet Dreams by Heba.

Heba Elalfy ***more photos at https://www.facebook.com/sweetdreamstoyou


This is a gorgeous little cake, Heba! I love the bird painting!

Sugar Sugar by SSmiley

Beautiful cake! Love the painting! 😍