Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou




Couture Cakers 2018

I’m so very proud to be part of the second year of this beautiful Couture Cakers collaboration. Thank you so much Heba for inviting me and for all of your hard work ❤️
This is my airbrushed and hand painted cake, done using #Saracino cocoa butter and dust colours with the addition of 3D flowers.
Please go and visit the collaboration page to see all of the beautiful pieces ❤️

-- Sensational Sugar Art by Sarah Lou

saracino couture cakers collaboration #couture cakers


Dragons and Daffodils Cakes

Beautiful cake Sarah


Like I have already told you, I love this. The bright color make me happy and put a smile on my face.

Sweet Dreams by Heba

That color is stunning and I absolutely love the hand painting :) x

Michelle Chan

I’m loving the bright colours!!

Gabriela Doroghy

Stunning <3

sugar voyager

Gorgeous painting✨ So beautiful💕

Maira Liboa

Wow, so beautiful!

Mero Wageeh


Savitha Alexander

Excellent work..the painting is exquisite

Sandra Smiley

This is so beautiful! I am in love with the colors!

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Beautiful piece..Great interpretation..


How pretty!!!


Fantastic color,excellent cake❤

Dolce Dita

Love this one!

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Couture Cakers 2018