Love you Mum and Dad😍

Love you Mum and Dad😍
Love you Mum and Dad😍 Love you Mum and Dad😍 Love you Mum and Dad😍

May is a special month for my family! It’s mine and my husband’s nameday and our wedding anniversary. So I wanted a theme for our party cake and then one day I asked my daughter to make a drawing of our family…and she made this:

It is our home (you can see the door in the middle), there are colorful flowers outside, a river, the sky is pouring hearts and snowflakes, she made us and the orange upside down double heart is “our love”, smiling! It was a tricky image but I thought it would be so beautiful to see her expression looking at her drawing in sugarpaste on the cake!!! She was speechless and her hug and kisses was my best present!

Thank you all for watching



Wow!!! Amazing, dear Elena!!! <3
Happy Anniversary!!! :*


What a wonderful idea!

The Garden Baker

I love it! It is so sweet! I love how you transferred your daughters drawing into cake!

Toni, Pennsylvania,

Thank you Katherina,Gabriela,The Garden Baker,Dimi,vida cakes,Toni and Caracarla for your wishes and comments 😘