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Iron (Fe) Man cake

This cake wasn’t overly detailed but challenging to do. I think it’s my tallest standing 3D cake to date, standing at 18" with the cake itself being suspended 6" above the board.

He was made to celebrate the last day of classes at the university. Because I work in the chemistry department I wanted it to be chemistry themed. I went with (a periodic table) Iron Man based on a t-shirt design I saw online. The structure I built was based on a Threadcakes entry by özge Bozkurt who made Freddie Mercury.

He is vanilla bean cake with chocolate buttercream, mocha cake with coffee buttercream and banana cake with chocolate buttercream. The legs and arms are a modeling chocolate/fondant mixture. I used a little LED light behind a piece of wafer paper for his arc reactor. Acadia Chemistry in written in the Avengers font.

One of my co-workers made liquid nitrogen ice cream to accompany him and the pouring of the liquid nitrogen is what caused the “fog” in the second image.

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Sandra Smiley

Fabulous!! I bet this got rave reviews!

Kelly Stevens

Thanks Sandra. One student said it was my best cake yet that I’ve made for them ☺


Iron written on Iron man, well done.


Great idea

The Garden Baker

Wonderful work!

Felis Toporascu




Asya Vencheva


June ("Clarky's Cakes")


Kelly Stevens

Thank you MBalaska, Sarka, The Garden Baker, Felis, Bianca, Asya and June!

My Sweet World_Elena


Kelly Stevens

Thank you Elena!

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Iron (Fe) Man cake