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Geo Sparkle - huevos faberge collab

I created this sugar piece as part of the amazing ‘huevos faberge challenge’


I call her Geo Sparkle .. because im not original hahahahaha

I won’t lie, this piece nearly beat me… I actually threw in the towel at the last minuite.. but managed to complete in time… im extremely inexpereinced with sugar crystals and isolmalt.. and I really struggled to get this piece complete due to difficulties I didnt expect to encounter.. like getting the crystals to stick to the hardened gum paste.. stopping my isomalt turning soggy when left out.. so many different aspects I didn’t prepare for.. but thats one of the amazing reason to take part in these collabs.. to give us the chance to explore the unkown..to create something we wouldn’t necessarily get the chance to create with our day to day customers.
I have some more playing around to do with these items, to get used to them! But that’s ok.. what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger 😀

So here she is… a gum paste shell, with a marble fondant outer, shells stuck together with royal icing. Covered in home grown sugar crystals, painted in edible gold and sat on a tower of isolmalt with more sugar crystals stuck on with edible glue.

I hope you love her as much as I do.. she wasn’t what Id expected her to look like but I was so over the moon to complete her…one way or another xxx

rolkem super gold satin ice fondant satin ice gum paste tylose powder sugar crystals isomalt easter egg mold crystal molds unicorn crystals geo faberge faberge egg cake


Sandra Smiley

Beautiful design!

Gabriela Doroghy

Beautiful!!! <3

Felis Toporascu





Ne encanta💟💟💟



Calli Creations

So beautifully done


Gorgeous 😍

Fifi's Cakes

You certainly tackled the challenge, well done you, it’s beautiful x

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Geo Sparkle - huevos faberge collab