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Topsy Turvy gold,silver, black birthday cake

My first topsy turvy cake. It was a learning curve, but I think I accomplished what a I set out to do. As long as the customer loved it, I was very happy about that!
I frosted all four tiers in Buttercream. Carved out the space to make the plates sit level (This is the optical illusion I did not know about in this cake assembly). Now it makes total sense, as I was so worried about how this works. I thought Whew!
Then I airbrush sprayed the tiers alternating gold and silver.
I cut out the black fondant diamond and circle shapes, and of course placed in a airtight container. Then I measured and cut the strips, and airbrushed with gold/silver.
Since the airbrush on the sides of the tiers had to dry first, then I applied a little water on the back of each piece making sure the edges were all covered as well.. this is a little hard handing the sprayed pieces not to get the front of them wet and spotted.
After lining up and placing all pieces, I took all tiers separate and stacked them while there, Finished off buttercream beaded boarders in white. She had cake topper, masks, and clear strands of beads I placed around the base of the cake. I had the cake stand that was silver lightly sprayed with airbrush gold.

-- Nancy (Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering)

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June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Great job…Great cake…


that’s a fun cake.



Elli Warren

You did a great job Nancy!! Looks brilliant!! :-) x

Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering (Nancy Goolsby)

I Appreciate it Elli! IT was fun to try something different.

Calli Creations



Fabulous! ! ! !

Nancy's Fancy's Cakes & Catering (Nancy Goolsby)

Thanks so much ladies! Calli and Claudia!!


Very pretty


very pretty

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Topsy Turvy gold,silver, black birthday cake