Estonian Horse cake

Estonian Horse cake
Estonian Horse cake

This Estonian Horse charity cake size is about 25 cm x 25 cm. The neck part is made out of kama chocolate cake, frosting is with cranberry, kama chocolate buttercream and it’s covered with kama chocolate ganache. Then the whole cake is covered with modelling chocolate and fondant, then airbrushed with different tones of grey and white, the eyes are handpainted to black and then using corn syrup I added shine. Cakeboard is covered with fondant and then airbrushed with white, blue and black color using self made stencil.


The horse is very impressive and that board is fabulous. Had I not read your explanation I would have never thought it was hand crafted.

The Garden Baker

The Garden Baker thank you so much!!! ☺️

Fabulous x

Essentially Cakes - Christine Jones

Essentially Cakes Thank you!!! 😄