CPC World Cancer Day Collab

My contribution to the World Cancer Day Collaboration

My piece is dedicated to all my friends and family who have been affected by cancer over the years.

The hands are representative of the strength and support provided by my family and friends of all those diagnosed.

The fairy is presented in lavender to represent all cancers and awareness, while the butterflies represent the various types of cancers of those, in my life, whom have been affected and have fought cancer.

The colourless butterflies represent those who didn’t survive the battle, however they are still present in order to show that they shall never be forgotten. The coloured butterflies which are not being supported by the hands symbolise the cancer survivors in remission who are now able to fly without the extra support from their loved ones.

The fairy holds the thyroid coloured butterfly, as a reminder of the worst emotional week of my life, (4yrs ago) waiting for test results on my son.

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-- GoshCakes

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Gorgeous ❤


Wow, stunning

Antonia Lazarova


Felis Toporascu


Seema Tyagi


The Garden Baker

Amazing work … and thank you for sharing the explanation. May you and your family know only good health.

Gabriela Doroghy

Stunning!!! <3

June ("Clarky's Cakes")

Wonderful interpretation..


Beautiful work!

MOLI Cakes

Fantastic !!!

Olina Wolfs



Thank you all for the beautiful comments . Truly grateful and appreciative of your support

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CPC World Cancer Day Collab